Current Openings: Two Full Time Registered Massage Therapist

Stromma Massage Therapy is a bright, beautiful clinic located at Royal Oak Shopping Centre in Victoria, BC. We are busy with an active wait list; there is plenty of opportunity to quickly grow your practice. 

What we offer:

  • Many shifts to choose from so you can build your schedule around your own needs;

  • Support to grow your practice according to your own vision;

  • Mentorship and collaboration within a great team of therapists;

  • Open communication about business decisions and operations;

  • Reasonable rent that includes all the things you need to practice:

    • Laundry service;

    • Electric tables;

    • Table warmers;

    • Thermophore, ice packs available;

    • Pregnancy pillows;

    • Weights, bands, lacrosse balls, etc.; 

    • Spotify and dimmable lights in each treatment room;

    • Tablets;

    • Jane App for charting and billing;

    • Direct billing to Insurers; and

    • Marketing on social media and Google.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact us here:



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